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Ko Mātou Tēnei * This Is Who We Are * O i mātou lenei 

Our AMAZING learners!
Our kura is blessed to have 29 of the friendliest and most amazing tamariki you will ever meet:
Ethnic Composition:
4 Māori

  • 2 Māori are also Sāmoan

  • 2 Māori are also of European descent

6 of NZ European descent
    -    2 are also Māori

19 of Sāmoan descent (ethnicity 1), 21 tamaiti a’oga (see Māori)

  • 9 tamaiti are also of Chinese descent. So far most of these tamaiti a’oga are able to trace their ancestry back at least 1 generation.

  • 7 of our students were born in the beautiful Pacific Nation of Sāmoa.

  • 12 of our tamaiti are first generation NZ born.

Amataga is the name of our Y0-3 whānau. Amataga in gagana Sāmoa means ‘the beginning’. Amataga marks the beautiful beginning of the faith life-long, abundant and exciting learning journey of our tamaiti a’oga. 

Lumana’i is the name of our Y4-8 whānau. In gagana Sāmoa, Lumana’i means ‘the future’. With their rock-solid foundation of faith, our warrior learners will be equipped with resilience to navigate through life’s vast experiences. With excellence at the forefront of all they say and do; they will transform the world around them. 

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